Upcoming Events

Noord InfoSec Dialogue

19 October 2017 - 20 October 2017
, United Kingdom

With the ever increasing number of high profile information security incidents there has never been a more pressing time for businesses to ensure they have robust security controls in place. The new operating environment created by IOT, Mobile, Cloud, Social & Big Data is creating new security challenges; whilst compromises by insiders, both malicious and non malicious, mean no matter how secure an organisations network and data it remains at risk if employees, privileged users and third parties do not practice good security hygiene.

IT & Digital Leaders Dialogue Belgium

21 November 2017 - 21 November 2017
Brussels, Belgium

For the last nine years Noord Group has delivered private, leader-level, highly interactive events for the IT industry across the UK and EU. Now, with more businesses embracing IT as an enabler, the industry is thriving in Belgium. New solutions including IoT, big data and AI are leading the way for accelerated business innovation. Due to the demand for greater industry collaboration, Noord Group will be hosting the IT & Digital Leaders Dialogue in Brussels.

InfoSec Dialogue BeLux

21 November 2017 - 22 November 2017
Brussels, Belgium

We can provide certificates of attendance to assist you in claiming for your CPE points

With recent breaches making front page news and new regulations looming, effective information security has become one of the most important challenges facing companies today. The rising number and sophistication of attacks being launched, the increase in sharing of data with third-parties, along with maturing technologies such as cloud computing, mobile and big data, all place enormous demands on the Head of Information Security to implement robust strategies to protect their business.

Infosec Dialogue BeLux, an invitation-only event designed to deliver outstanding knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities for Heads of IT Security, will analyse how to adapt strategies and successfully leverage new technologies to secure your business and guarantee its successful expansion.

IT & Security Leaders Financial Services

04 December 2017 - 05 December 2017
, United Kingdom

Financial services (FS) is leading in cyber security capability due to the nature of the industry. Criminals will orchestrate highly targeted, advanced and malicious attacks to gain access to the most sensitive data with the intention of stealing money and assets.

With digital and customer convenience at the core of FS operations, we’re seeing an explosion in the use of mobile technology and payments, digital currency, online banking, data-driven, IoT-capable and cloud enabled technologies.

Businesses are asking: ‘How fast yet securely can the organisation move?’

It’s become clear that security posture has never been this vital to business strategy.

The Infosec FS Dialogue is the product of a rigorous research process where we’ve identified the biggest challenges and priorities for information security leaders across the UK. We’ve applied this intel to develop a highly detailed agenda which will take the form of a two-day, closed-door meeting packed with thought-provoking case studies, interactive practical sessions, technology spotlight sessions, networking, dinner and much more.

CIO Dialogue Ireland

22 January 2018 - 23 January 2018
Kildare, Ireland

Today’s CIO is a major driving force behind business strategy, with technology taking the lead in expansion and development. Now more than ever the CIO is intrinsic to an organisation's success, and need to deliver real value. As the role takes on this more strategic dimension, CIOs have to adapt and ensure they are at the forefront of technological innovation, driving growth and meeting critical business objectives.
Join us to meet other executive level market practitioners to discuss, debate, and benchmark against your peers’ strategies to drive innovation and deliver real value to your business; covering topics including: Cloud, Information Security, Analytics and Digitalisation