InfoSec Dialogue Benelux

08 Jun 2017


Preparing for a new generation of protection and response

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With recent breaches making front page news and new regulations looming, effective information security has become one of the most important challenges facing companies today. The increasing number and sophistication of attacks being launched, the increase in sharing of customer data and intellectual property with third-parties, along with maturing technologies such as cloud computing, mobile and big data, all place enormous demands on the Head of Information Security to develop and implement robust strategies to protect their business.

Infosec Dialogue Benelux, an invitation-only event designed to deliver outstanding knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities for Heads of IT Security, will analyse how to adapt strategies and successfully leverage new technologies to secure your business and guarantee its successful expansion.


The evolving strategic role of the CISO; how to prepare for the new EU data protection laws; how to apply security by design on IoE (Internet of Everything); gamification of Security by Design in an agile world; information security risk assessment & management - metrics, metrics, metrics; Europol’s role in combating cybercrime in the digital age; controlling intellectual property theft risks in your organisation - disrupting the CISO approach; take away APT strategies; overcoming governance & effective testing the effectiveness; managing information security throughout your supply chain; Internet of toys: how the next generation will intrude your home & enterprise networks - hackable Barbies, Smart TV’s, Cayla, MippoSaur and baby phones; securing & enabling your digital workspaces; identity and access management (IAM) in an era of digital business; how to demonstrate ROI from an Application Security Program; maximising your enterprise’s Internet security, compliance and productivity; among others.

We are pleased to confirm that we are working with a number of organisations to share real scenarios and interactive case studies at the event in November. If you have an interesting challenge, solution or concept to share please contact Mandira Bhimjiyani at

 Infosec Dialogue Benelux